Using traditional knowledge to combat climate change in Wuli!

Beakanyang is partnering with the Netherlands Embassy in Senegal through their small grant progrmme to combat climate change in Wuli, URR using traditional knowledge.

The programme would create more awareness on the effects of climate change on agriculture and vulnerable communities.

As part of the project, local journalists and traditional communicators selected from the communities of Wuli will undergo an intensive climate change training on the following modules: Climate Science, Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development, Climate Change Advocacy, information and Communication strategies, rural sociology and climate change reporting.

As part of the training, community outreach programs and field visits will also be conducted to give clear understanding of the challenges of the communities. Community engagements will be held alongside radio presentations by the participants will be done.

The traditional communicators will be will be trained to produce songs, dramas and other forms of information dissemination to the masses. These will help in raising awareness and increase climate change resilience in communities of Wuli. Peer tutoring through environment radio listening clubs will be introduced.

We thank the Netherlands Embassy in Senegal for the support and urge intervention communities to take ownership of the project.